CAPE TOWN – It’s set to be another long day on the witness stand for triple murder accused Henri van Breda.

He started giving evidence on Tuesday in the Western Cape High Court.

He’s accused of murdering his parents and brother, and attempting to kill his sister at their family home in 2015.
He maintains his innocence, claiming that an intruder is to blame for the murders.

Van Breda claims at least two intruders broke into the family home on the De Zalze estate and one of them attacked his family.

The Van Breda family home is at the centre of a high security estate and the intruders would have had to go to a lot of trouble to get through the electrical fencing.

Once inside the estate, they would have to gain entrance to the house.

During cross-examination, prosecutor Susan Galloway questioned how intruders would have managed to gain entry undetected and why, after going to all the trouble of getting in, they would leave with nothing of value.

Van Breda testified that the family always left the doors unlocked and the attackers got in through an unlocked back door.

He also said it was possible that someone gave them the keys to the property.

Van Breda turns 23 on Wednesday. He’ll spend the bulk of the day on the stand.

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