JOHANNESBURG – Eyewitness News has learnt that Eskom’s internal report on the Trillian scandal advises that the utility report the criminal conduct of CFO Anoj Singh and others to the authorities.

The report, seen by EWN, details the extent to which Eskom went to cover up and continue dealing with the Gupta-linked company against internal and external advice.

Eskom announced on Friday that Singh had been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing.

The power utility’s acting Chair Zethembe Khoza told EWN that Singh had been suspended 20 hours before the utility confirmed the sanctions against Singh.

Khoza says several others had also been suspended but, Eskom hasn’t commented on this claim yet.

However, an internal report has detailed how Singh may have to face criminal charges for his conduct regarding the McKinsey and Trillian contract.

Singh has been accused of not just lying to Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown but also misleading the board and providing false information to Eskom’s spokesperson.

He also approved Eskom’s questionable prepayment to another Gupta-linked company Tegeta and is still due to explain his luxury trips to Dubai, allegedly paid for by the family.

The minister is still reviewing the report and is expected to comment on her plan of action this week.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)

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