Civil society organisations to tackle corruption at special conference


Nation Nyoka, News24

Johannesburg-A Civil society conference aimed at tackling corruption as well as state capture is due to take place on July 18, Save South Africa (SaveSA) and the Ahmed Kathrada Foundationannounced on Thursday at Gordon’s Institute of Business (GIBS) in Johannesburg.

The Conference for the Future of South Africa is due to take place on struggle stalwart, Nelson Mandela’s birthday as the organisations feel that they “have a contract with Madiba to safeguard and nourish [the] democracy for present and future generations”.

More than 1 000 people from various sectors of society are expected to be there.

Organisations expected to attend include OUTA, SaveSA, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and Section27.

The conference’s core focus is tackling state capture, using tools such as the Constitution.

According to the two organisations, the South Africa of today is not the one that liberation movements fought for. It highlighted examples such as the plundering of state resources, a lack of respect for the Constitution and democracy as well as those who protect it.

The Hawks and the National Prosecuting Authority were referred to as ineffective as they had allegedly been captured.

The attack on journalists by the Black First Land First (BLF) movement also came under the spotlight, with the organisations endorsing the efforts of journalists who they say were championing the rights of civil society, and exposing corruption under President Jacob Zuma’s administration.

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