JOHANNESBURG – The African National Congress (ANC) says it wants government to consider imposing quotas of the number of foreign nationals that companies in different sectors can employ.

The party’s national executive committee decided in its lekgotla over the weekend that local people should not be losing jobs to foreign nationals.

It says that it is proposing that companies in different sectors should be given ratios of the number of foreign people they can hire.

ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe: “If you go to a restaurant today, you are likely to be served by a waiter is not South African.”

The party says that the government must implement a system to ensure students from poor households receive fully-subsidised grants for their first year of study from next year.

It also says students from the middle strata should be subsidised through a system of grants and affordable loans.

The party says its lekgotla has also resolved to look more closely at the mining sector and to avoid focusing only on the short-term issue of the spat over the mining charter.

Mantashe says their policy on higher education funding comes from one central thought.

“We’re informed by one issue only and that issue is no child should be deprived the right to development because of the economic status of the family.”

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